I am still incredibly new to West Bromwich and District YMCA. I have been tasked with ‘settling in’ until March and I have a brim full of ideas of where to start and what to do. I do feel that the ‘settling in’ time will take longer than three months. It isn’t because the reception from staff, clients, and residents has been anything other than fantastic and enthusiastic in their welcome. It is simply that this is a newly created post and I am the newby that is taking on the role.

My first question is, ‘What does it mean to develop Christian spirituality in a community that, for many, is a workplace, and for others, is a nursery or out of school club, a healthy eating cafe, a gym, or a place to live with support?’ I am enjoying getting to know so many different people, in both the YMCA community and Sandwell at large. I have a plan and want to listen to both the voice of God and that of the people I serve in this work. I will try to be constructive and co-operative in all I do. Most of all I am looking for the inspiration of God’s Word and God’s Spirit in order to bring the Christian Spiritual life into the life we share. Of all the things I do not yet know in the approach to developing the work, one thing is certain. I will only be able to take the work to where others are willing to go. God grant me the serenity to accept the things that are not changeable, courage to seek change in the areas needed, and the wisdom to know one from the other. Amen.