We rarely think that the people, in Jerusalem for the Passover festival, had a choice in how to receive Jesus.

When the city came into view, he wept over it. “If you had only recognized this day, and everything that was good for you! But now it’s too late. In the days ahead your enemies are going to bring up their heavy artillery and surround you, pressing in from every side. They’ll smash you and your babies on the pavement. Not one stone will be left intact. All this because you didn’t recognize and welcome God’s personal visit.” Luke 19:41-44 (The Message)

Jesus is crying, not for himself, but for the people of Jerusalem. The day of God’s Messiah had come and he knew they would choose to reject it. Did they really have a choice? Yes, although Jesus foresaw the destination of his journey he also saw the consequence for the people of their rejection of God’s Son. The nation could have returned to God but they would choose to live under Roman rule and the consequence would be disaster rather than blessing.

Are our choices, and their consequences, set out in stone? Are we spiritually subjects of fate or are we asked by God to choose wisely? Making right decisions is challenging in a world that does not easily walk in step with God. Jesus said, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.’ Matthew 10:16 (The NIV translation).

Today, Lord, lead me in the choices I make. Let me be as wise as a serpant but innocent as a dove in all I do. Amen.