The question that had been on everyone’s lips for a long time was now asked by the high priest and scholars.

When it was morning, the religious leaders of the people and the high priests and scholars all got together and brought him before their High Council. They said, “Are you the Messiah?” He answered, “If I said yes, you wouldn’t believe me. If I asked what you meant by your question, you wouldn’t answer me. So here’s what I have to say: From here on the Son of Man takes his place at God’s right hand, the place of power.” They all said, “So you admit your claim to be the Son of God?” “You’re the ones who keep saying it,” he said. But they had made up their minds, “Why do we need any more evidence? We’ve all heard him as good as say it himself.” Luke 22:66-71 (The Message)

How people view Jesus is as varied as their culture and preconceptions. Whether ours is an active faith of following, a seeking questioning faith, of a critical or anti-faith, we will view Jesus through very different lenses. This is the situation that the high priest and the scholars were in and Jesus was not about to argue with them to change their view. He knew that theirs was a critical or anti view of him and so his only action is to say what was on his mind. The Son was about to return to the Father at the hands of these men. If he was not the Messiah they wanted he would be no Messiah at all in their eyes.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus stands on its own merit in the eyes of faith. Those of us who believe he is the Messiah, and who seek to follow Jesus, will see him as he is because of the lens we look through. Those who do not seek, nor wish for the Messiah, will not change their view point by any amount of skillfull or persuasive argument. The way we live and the gracious words we employ in treating others should lead others to see Jesus in us and only then will our lens begin to find a place in other’s world view. Jesus said, “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ Luke 11:9 (The NIV translation)

Lord, as I look at you let my lens show you as you are, Messiah, Saviour of the World, Son of God. Let the gentleness of my actions and the graciousness of my words be the source of others seeing you too today. Amen.