A Prophet who has a challenging message for the people of his time and the people of our time:

What the chewing locust left, the gobbling locust ate;
What the gobbling locust left, the munching locust ate;
What the munching locust left, the chomping locust ate.

Sober up, you drunks! Get in touch with reality—and weep! Your supply of booze is cut off. You’re on the wagon, like it or not. My country’s being invaded by an army invincible, past numbering, Teeth like those of a lion, fangs like those of a tiger. It has ruined my vineyards, stripped my orchards, And clear-cut the country. The landscape’s a moonscape. Joel 1:4-7  (The Message)

The locust was the scourge of the Ancient Near East, if locusts were to descend on the land you lived from it was described as ‘plague’. If there was anything green on the ground before the locust’s descended there wasn’t anything once they had gone. The prophet calls the people to ‘sober up’, it is not that this is a blanket ban on drinking alcohol. Instead, he is highlighting an attitude that if everything can wait; if we can not be bothered; if we are not  concerned for others of for our world; how can we think their ruin, or the ruin of the world, is nothing to do with us? With a sober world view we will work as we are able to keep others, and our world, from ruin.

Let my view of the world take responsibility for my neighbour and the world in which I live. May my eyes be open to the realities and my heart resolved to do what I can to actively love. Amen.