A ‘priesthood’ of all believers is at the centre of the practical edge of my Christian faith, in this respect Joel speaks to all believing people:

And also you priests,  put on your robes and join the outcry.
You who lead people in worship, lead them in lament.
Spend the night dressed in gunnysacks, you servants of my God. Nothing’s going on in the place of worship, no offerings, no prayers—nothing.
Declare a holy fast, call a special meeting, get the leaders together, Round up everyone in the country. Get them into God’s Sanctuary for serious prayer to God. Joel 1:13-14 (The Message)

The prophet calls on the believer to take a lead. Not simply to lead other believers, but to take a lead in their community that is blighted by famine and drought. Often the first thing that suffers under a change in a nations material well-being is their faith in God. When people suffer there is an outcry, but when the people cry out, if there is a voice that speaks God sense that will be turned to prayer. Instead of people directing their anger towards God in blame, if the balance of a real and radical Christian voice is in the thick of it, then the anger is turned to prayer. It seems to me that, despite the rising anger and opposition toward the Christian gospel in our society, if the God sense of a real and radical Christian voice speaks of the peace and providence of God, we will see a better society. If Christians join in the discourse of today’s world with actions and words of peace and providence, then the famine and drought of the Word of God we see in our nation will be fed and watered by our faith.

Almighty God, make my actions and my words speak God sense today. May I have the courage and the faith to join in with the angry voices as a voice of peace and providence. Let the actions I take bring spiritual food and water to bless those I meet. Amen.