If an emergency of global proportions  is approaching what does God want the Christian to do?

Blow the ram’s horn trumpet in Zion! Trumpet the alarm on my holy mountain! Shake the country up! God’s Judgment’s on its way—the Day’s almost here! A black day! A Doomsday! Clouds with no silver lining!
Like dawn light moving over the mountains, a huge army is coming. There’s never been anything like it and never will be again. Wildfire burns everything before this army and fire licks up everything in its wake. Before it arrives, the country is like the Garden of Eden.  When it leaves, it is Death Valley. Nothing escapes unscathed. Joel 2:1-3 (The Message)

The rams horn was the means, in the days of Temple worship, to call the faithful to prayer. It was also the means of sounding the alarm if disaster was near. Before the days of mass global communications the church bell was used in the same manner. The call to prayer and the warning about an emergency are not linked by chance. When there is a disaster looming Christians are called to fervant prayer and to warn those around of the impending crisis. When the economic recession hit our country one of the first voices to be heard in Parliament was that of Ian Paisley. While he may not have been the most credible voice, because of his background in the troubles in Ireland, he was the most Christian in his response. He said that it would be a suitable response of Parliament to turn to God in prayer. I agreed with him in this although few of those occupying the benches in Westminster did.

Whether those who hear us respond with prayer, or reject our warning, in these days of global crisis and approaching judgement, it is the call of God to the Christian to seek him with fervant prayer and to warn all to be ready.

Almighty God, let my spiritual life speak to others of a prayerful life and may the gracious way I speak of my faith lead others to be fully prepared to meet you. Amen.