If we have never been in a war zone, thank God, we can’t imagine the horror.

The locust army seems all horses—  galloping horses, an army of horses. It sounds like thunder leaping on mountain ridges or like the roar of wildfire through grass and brush, or like an invincible army shouting for blood, ready to fight, straining at the bit. At the sight of this army, the people panic, faces white with terror. Joel 2:4-5 (The Message)

The full extent of crisis that affects our lives in the West can be seen in the news. When it rains heavily we may be victims of poor flood protection, when the planes are unable to fly we may be caught up in the trouble of finding another way home from our holidays. Other people in the developing world, the people in, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the developing nations of South America, Asia, and Africa for instance, have had more war and natural disasters to deal with than we can imagine. People live each day displaced, hungry, and helpless because of wars and intolerant and ineffectual regiems. We can’t even imagine the horror of their daily lives, thank God.

The imagery, used by Joel, of the locust’s being like a rampaging army is not by accident. The horror they bring is utter devestation to life and limb. People will die with no hope of salvation, and that is why they ‘panic’ and their ‘faces’ are ‘white with terror.’ They haven’t prepared for this, they have treated God’s creation with contempt and now the consequences are on them like an invicible army. They are powerless in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

What are we going to do to be prepared for a similar judgement of God today? We may think it hopeless and we are too small, our voice too insignificant against the innevitable and invincible consequence of human neglect. I would say that to follow a conscience that cares and is concerned for all things in Creation is a Christian spiritual imperative. Prayer plays an essential part but prayer should always lead us to action, and positive, if understated, action in favour of the call of God to care for all in Creation.

May our consciences guide us in the way of generosity toward others and care for Creation. Let our lives reflect the right way of living against the flow of disregard and lack of concern, compassion, or care. Amen.