If we are looking for a picture of God’s goodness then we could do worse than this image in the mind of the prophet Joel:

“What a day! Wine streaming off the mountains, Milk rivering out of the hills, 
water flowing everywhere in Judah, A fountain pouring out of God’s Sanctuary, watering all the parks and gardens! But Egypt will be reduced to weeds in a vacant lot, Edom turned into barren badlands All because of brutalities to the Judean people, the atrocities and murders of helpless innocents. Meanwhile, Judah will be filled with people, Jerusalem inhabited forever. The sins I haven’t already forgiven, I’ll forgive.” God has moved into Zion for good. Joel 3:18-21 (The Message)

The picture of three different drinks in this prophecy of Joel is significant. Wine is a source  of enjoyment, relaxation, and it is good for the digestion. It is a pleasure to have a glass of wine and God is giving spiritual joy to his people. Milk is a meal in a glass, it has lots of vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy and strengthen our bones. God wants us well fed and healthy, he is giving food and health to his people. The flowing water is a refreshing drink that is essential to life. God is giving refreshment and life to his people. This is an image of the generosity of God toward those who seek him. Those who do not seek him do not have the same recourse to the blessing of God. But here is the punchline. Sins that God has not forgiven before will be forgiven, so there is hope, always hope, and opportunity to seek God’s abundant blessing in life.

God, thank you for the rivers of blessing that you give to us in life. All we need, and more. Help my heart to realize the hope you offer and take the opportunity today to fully accept your forgiveness. Amen.