How agreeable are you today?

They agreed they were in this for good, completely together in prayer, the women included. Also Jesus’ mother, Mary, and his brothers. Acts 1:14 (The Message)

Commitment comes though covenant for the Christian. Covenant means an agreement between people, and for the believer an agreement between God and people. Following forty days of constantly being with the risen Lord his followers were fired up and keen to continue the journey. They agreed that they were all in this for the duration and commited themselves by prayer. Today, we may thankfully take it for granted that the fellowship of faith includes everyone, men, women, and children, alike. In this day it would have been strange for a group that followed a Jewish Rabbi, even one who had died and risen from the dead, to include women. Jesus is no ordinary Rabbi though, his revolution of love has liberated all peoples from the bondage of religious expectation. We are all free to follow him if we choose to. How agreeable are you today? How free do you feel to follow him fully, completely, for the duration?

I agree today to follow, come what may, the way of Jesus Christ. This covenant I make before people and with all believers before God. Amen.