Like we are prone to do, when we show our commitment to a cause, we organize a meeting. 

During this time, Peter stood up in the company—there were about 120 of them in the room at the time—and said, “Friends, long ago the Holy Spirit spoke through David regarding Judas, who became the guide to those who arrested Jesus. That Scripture had to be fulfilled, and now has been. Judas was one of us and had his assigned place in this ministry.  As you know, he took the evil bribe money and bought a small farm. There he came to a bad end, rupturing his belly and spilling his guts. Everybody in Jerusalem knows this by now; they call the place Murder Meadow. It’s exactly what we find written in the Psalms: Let his farm become haunted so no one can ever live there. And also what was written later: Let someone else take over his post. Acts 1:15-20 (The Message)

Judas has been the cause of Jesus’ betrayal. It is conveniently overlooked in history, though, that none of Jesus’ disciples remained with him to the last. When the temple guards arrived with Judas, and Judas planted the fateful kiss on his cheek and the path to the cross was sealed. No one wanted to follow Jesus that closely. When Jesus rose and then taught the remaining disciples for forty days, they returned to favour. Judas, however, took the money he received for betraying Jesus and either committed suicide or was secretly killed. Taking the lead, Peter set out the story of Judas’ betrayal and to fill Judas’ place.

This  passage always makes me thing, ‘Did Peter pre-empt the work of God?’ Jesus told the disciples to return to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit. This action on the part of Peter was filling in the gap, but did God want the disciples to wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit. Reading the gosples, Peter and the others were certainly slow in catching on. Maybe the move to replace Judas was a pragmatic rather then godly act. Not something that offends God but something not directly God given but our human propensity to go it alone (we will see that God made up for this later).

God, when you ask me to do something, like wait, or pray, or act, don’t let me try to go it alone. When I know what you are asking let me do what you want because I know it is the best way. Amen.