The hardest thing to do is to turn around when you are moving the wrong way at a pace.

“Now it’s time to change your ways! Turn to face God so he can wipe away your sins, pour out showers of blessing to refresh you, and send you the Messiah he prepared for you, namely, Jesus. For the time being he must remain out of sight in heaven until everything is restored to order again just the way God, through the preaching of his holy prophets of old, said it would be. Moses, for instance, said, ‘Your God will raise up for you a prophet just like me from your family. Listen to every word he speaks to you. Every last living soul who refuses to listen to that prophet will be wiped out from the people.’ Acts 3:19-23 (The Message)

Changing our ways has to have some insentive but what insentive does the church present today? The moraliszing and sense of social climbing that embodies much of Christendom today just doesn’t cut it. What does it mean to receive ‘showers of blessing’? My experience has been to walk in the knowledge of God and with the Holy Spirit. Living in expectancy of Christ’s return, and the restoration of all creation, gives me hope and the relationship I have with God in Christ energizes my daily life with spiritual values. So, in my view, pew warming and conforming to religious institutional expectation isn’t what Peter means. What he means is a living, organic, growing, adventure in the worship of God. Wholeness and holiness are at the heart of the good news for all who receive Jesus, and we do not need to have a religous life but a spirit filled life walking with God and others as we follow Jesus together.

May our path be filled with the experience of ‘showers of blessing’ as we live our life in the knowledge of God and filled with his Spirit, today, and every day, through Jesus Christ and in the company of his people. Amen.