There is no disconnection of the present from the past in the gospel.

“All the prophets from Samuel on down said the same thing, said most emphatically that these days would come. These prophets, along with the covenant God made with your ancestors, are your family tree. God’s covenant-word to Abraham provides the text: ‘By your offspring all the families of the earth will be blessed.’ But you are first in line: God, having raised up his Son, sent him to bless you as you turn, one by one, from your evil ways.” Acts 3:24-26 (The Message)

Our past doesn’t necessarily define our present of future in the kingdom of God. What do I mean? The glories of the people of God as they entered the promised land were immense. They lived in the land and began to take their heritage, and their God, for granted. All the prophets of the Old Testament told them of the time when God would bless other nations as he had blessed them but they weren’t willing to accept this. So, the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus created the transformation of Israel from  the people of God in the promised land to the people of God in every tribe and every nation. This then became the promise, not an insular people in search of a geographical location but a community of faith that knows no physical bounds. This is the promise of God and Peter challenged his own nation to respond to the promise of God in Jesus Christ, by turning from their narrow minded way to embrace the global message of reconciliation with God through Jesus.

Are we too narrow today in who we see God including in his kingdom of grace, love, and power or are we looking for every opportunity to spread the light abroad?

May we be those who take the good news to others, and see God going with us out of our narrow and small mindedness into the world at large, to give  the glory and honour that is due to the name of Jesus.