I wonder who God has made you accountable to?

The next day a meeting was called in Jerusalem. The rulers, religious leaders, religion scholars, Annas the Chief Priest, Caiaphas, John, Alexander—everybody who was anybody was there. They stood Peter and John in the middle of the room and grilled them: “Who put you in charge here? What business do you have doing this?” Acts 4:5-7 (The Message)

The same religious rulers and scholars that crucified Jesus had Peter and John before them. I can imagine how nervous they must have been feeling with their lives in the balance. The strangest thing about standing in front of the people who crucified Jesus, as his followers, must have been the sense that God was allowing them to experience something of the pre-crucifixion torment that Jesus was put through. The religious rulers in Jerusalem considered themselves to be the arbiters of all truth and appropriate in the lives of all Jews. To have been told that a miracle had taken place and that it was by the followers of Jesus, whom they had recently crucified, must have perplext them greatly.

If someone, possibly a church leader or theologian, was to see your life today, would they ask the same question of you. By who’s authority do you live your life? Is there enough evidence of your following Jesus for such people even to bother to ask? As we walk daily with Jesus we are called, as were Peter and John, to be obedient to his Word and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Whatever the consequence the answer to the question of who has authority over what we do and say should always be, ‘Jesus Christ, the one who has authority over sin and death, over heaven and earth, he is the one in whom I live, move, and have my being.’

Lord, fill my life today with your Spirit and fulfill your will through me. May I always stand for you and may you always work through me. Amen.