Peter and John went to tell their friends what God had done!

As soon as Peter and John were let go, they went to their friends and told them what the high priests and religious leaders had said. Hearing the report, they lifted their voices in a wonderful harmony in prayer: “Strong God, you made heaven and earth and sea and everything in them. By the Holy Spirit you spoke through the mouth of your servant and our father, David: 

 Why the big noise, nations? 
 Why the mean plots, peoples? 
 Earth’s leaders push for position, 
 Potentates meet for summit talks, 
 The God-deniers, the Messiah-defiers!   Acts 4:23-26 (The Message)

World leaders met for the G8 in Canada last week. The eyes of the world turned onto this meeting of political leaders from the major industrial nations. They are the makers and shapers of the world economy and much rests on their actions that make, and reactions that shape, the economic ups and downs. Of course, as followers of Jesus, we believe that there are greater powers at work in world affairs. We can see that the worlds rulers are subject to powers outside of their control and we believe these to be multitudes of spiritual powers in conflict with one another. No wonder we see the values of the material world out of kilter and the balance of haves and have nots badly off balance.

The early church were quick to recognize the need for praise and proclamation of God over every power in the world. They recognized that world powers do not readily submit to the maker and creator of Heaven and Earth. He is, however, the Strong God who ultimately subjects everything to his rule and brings about salvation, justice, and peace in the nations. The war continues to rage but the outcome is secure in the hands of our Strong God.

May our hearts and minds be set on the victory of the Strong God in all areas of life and may our eyes be focused on Jesus in whom all things come together. Amen.