The church as the body of Christ is subject to the conflict with powers in the world that Jesus endured.

“For in fact they did meet—Herod and Pontius Pilate with nations and peoples, even Israel itself!—met in this very city to plot against your holy Son Jesus, the One you made Messiah, to carry out the plans you long ago set in motion. “And now they’re at it again! Take care of their threats and give your servants fearless confidence in preaching your Message, as you stretch out your hand to us in healings and miracles and wonders done in the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Acts 4:27-30 (The Message)

When we think about the privilege of coming to God through Jesus do we imagine the responsibilities too? Carrying on the misson of God, in Jesus his Son, means facing the same potential reactions he faced from those who fear his message of God’s kingdom come. Living in the life of Christ brings us spiritual blessing but also raises potential danger. If we have the courage of our convictions to speak an uncompromising message of coming to God through Christ alone and his kingdom coming in power it will not always be well received. The most important thing for the body of Christ to do, in face of the conflict of interests, is to pray. Coming to God through Jesus, we pray for one another in the journey. We proclaim that God rules in every situation and every principality and power must conform to his will. When we pray for protection then we say, ‘Our God reigns!’

Today, may the will of God prevail as we speak courageously of the good news of Jesus Christ. May we see the power of God over every principality and power at work in the world as his kingdom comes. Amen.