Is there anything that is an obstacle to God?

Meanwhile, the Chief Priest and his cronies convened the High Council, Israel’s senate, and sent to the jail to have the prisoners brought in. When the police got there, they couldn’t find them anywhere in the jail. They went back and reported, “We found the jail locked tight as a drum and the guards posted at the doors, but when we went inside we didn’t find a soul.” Acts 5: 21-22 (The Message)

What God wanted was for the apostles to be witnessing to Jesus in the Temple. The Chief Priest and his cohort were plotting how to prosecute and put them out of the Temple, even possibly end their lives. God, however, had other plans. Despite there being locks on the doors and guards at the gates there was no stopping God! If Jesus had not chosen to submit to the will of evil men then there is nothing that can stand in the way of God’s power. What happened to Jesus was no mistake, accident, fatal flaw in the life of an itinerant rabbi. God planned to have him sacrifice his life and, at this point in time, he did not plan to have the apostles die. So, locks and gates were no match for the will of God!

Are there things that are obstacles to the will of God in your life today? If they are obstacles to God’s will then believe they are no obstacles at all. If they are simply obstacles and God’s will is to take you another way then stop treating them as obstacles and move on.

May we have the sense to know that God’s power will overcome all obstacles to his will in our lives and may we have the sense to see when his will lies in another direction. Amen.