When God creates the circumstances then we can rely on it being a challenge to others!

Just then someone showed up and said, “Did you know that the men you put in jail are back in the Temple teaching the people?” The chief and his police went and got them, but they handled them gently, fearful that the people would riot and turn on them. Acts 25-26 (The Message)

The challenge to the crowd was clearly one that appealed to them, but the Temple guard still wanted to bring the apostles in to answer to the Chief Priest. Instead of treating them harshly, though, because of the support of the people that made them fear a riot, the guards treated the apostles more gently.

If we are faithful to follow the will of God and go as he instructs us, to share our life and witness in Christ with others, then we can rely on the good favour of people (Ezra 7:27-28; Proverbs 16:7; Luke 2:52; Romans 12:18). Persecution of Christian faith rarely comes from individuals but from society, culture, institutions, and government. Whether people follow Jesus as a believer does not exclude the recognition that those who do follow Jesus do have an appeal and a value in a healthy society.

May we live following Jesus and enjoy the favour of God and people while standing firm against the injustices of culture, society, institutions, or governement whether against people of faith or the voiceless and powerless of our world. Amen.