If our commitment to God took such drastic steps, how quick might we be to say we would follow?

“Then he made a covenant with him and signed it in Abraham’s flesh by circumcision. When Abraham had his son Isaac, within eight days he reproduced the sign of circumcision in him. Isaac became father of Jacob, and Jacob father of twelve ‘fathers,’ each faithfully passing on the covenant sign. Acts 7:8 (The Message)

Serious stuff and, I suppose if you had been brought up knowing nothing else and had been circumcised before you knew it, not a big deal. Abraham, however, was a grown man. The sign of covenant made in his flesh would have been raw and painful. This is no deal of conveniance, no easy fix for the future. Through the seal of the covenant God made with Abraham through circumcision he was saying that there is no commitment greater nor agreement graver.

The new covenant, in Jesus’ blood is no less significant or demanding. Belief in Jesus, and the benefits this gives now and in eternity, takes grave commitment to follow. The cost is paid in his sacrifice but the cost of discipleship can not be under emphasized. For many today saying they are Christian is soley about being a decent human being. The cost of discipleship is not something etherial and other worldly, moral and natural, though. It is a willingness to commit flesh and blood to Christ as willingly as he commited flesh and blood for us.

May the value of Christ’s blood be known in our commitment to following his way today and may we find eternal meaning in the cost required of us as we follow him. Amen.