Stephen continues to spin the links in the chain. Now he comes to Moses.

“In just such a time Moses was born, a most beautiful baby. He was hidden at home for three months. When he could be hidden no longer, he was put outside—and immediately rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, who mothered him as her own son. Moses was educated in the best schools in Egypt. He was equally impressive as a thinker and an athlete…” Acts 7:20-22 (The Message)

Stephen has been accussed of inventing a new religion, something disconnected from the heritage of the Hebrews. He is taking pains to show his accusers the opposite, that the faith he has been sharing so enthusiastically has its roots and branches in the faith of the Patriachs.

How relevant our faith is to contemporary culture is a big issue in the present day of Christianity. I want to say that how connected to the heritage of Christianity is important too. Being grounded in the past with no relevance to the present is not good but being completely grounded in the present with no recognition of the past is equally harmful. There is a spiritual connectedness within the faith of Christ and to neglect the sense of continuity for the sake of impacting culture isn’t wise. Letting the flow of the plan of God through history connect with our desire to communicate faith today is the way to stay connected.

May we keep our eyes of faith and our hearts for the impact of the good news in people’s lives rooted in the heritage of our faith as well as the present. Amen.