‘Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t’ is the saying, but is it better than the challenge of ‘knowing’ the God you don’t ‘see’?

“They craved the old Egyptian ways, whining to Aaron, ‘Make us gods we can see and follow. This Moses who got us out here miles from nowhere—who knows what’s happened to him!’ That was the time when they made a calf-idol, brought sacrifices to it, and congratulated each other on the wonderful religious program they had put together. Acts 7:39-41 (The Message)

Moses faced many challenges in leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the promise of God. Not least was their desire to have ‘gods’ they could see and ‘religion’ that was ordered. Today we face similar temptations as the material world holds great appeal and the supernatural nature of God is mysterious and invisible. Sometimes we put our trust in bricks and mortar, wood and metal, religion and order, before we trust in the mysterious and invisible power of the living God.

Today may we trust in what we do not see and worship the living God who is beyond our comprehension. May we put aside the desire to make and control the object of our worship and, instead, live, move, and have our being in him. Amen.